Company Profile

Our history:

Jiangyin Jibimed Medical Instrument Co., LTD(JIBIMED) is a professional high-tech enterprise, incorporating research, manufacturing, distribution of sterilizing equipment and relevant medical products, located in Jiangyin city of Jiangsu Province, a remarkable place with picturesque scenery, is the birthplace of outstanding people, and ranked first on the economy among all the china cities.

With the foundation concept of "technology reflect our wisdom, quality reflect our dignity". JIBIMED have gathered many top professional experts and famous consultants who involving themselves yin the research and development of the sterile products after several years development. We have formed strong power to follow the tip technology at home and abroad, and have become one of the largest and most professional manufacturer with continuous growth of export for the past years.

Our factory:

The main products of Jibimed medical equipment include: vertical pressure steam sterilizer, portable pressure steam sterilizer, table top steam sterilizer, horizontal pressure steam sterilizer, low-temperature plasma sterilizer, portable oxygen generator, large pulsating vacuum steam sterilizer, electric vaporizer, ultraviolet sterilization lamp car and intelligent drying box.

Product application:

Our products are mainly suitable for high temperature sterilization, cooling and drying of biological products, medical devices, sterile clothing, tools, utensils, culture media and other articles in pharmaceutical, medical and scientific research.

Our certificates:

CE 、ISO13485 、ISO9001

Production Equipment:

(1) Lathe

(2) Sawing machine


(4) Air compressor

(5)  Gas welding machine

(6)   Weaving machine

(7)Grinding wheel cutting machine

(8)Milling machine

(9)Drilling machine

Production Market:

Jibimed medical products are not only widely used in many hospitals in China, but also exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions to provide services for hospitals at all levels in the world.

Our service:

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